Jan 8, 2012

Beautiful Things

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I am so way behind on posting these but I will try to get them up every Sunday from now on.  That way at least I know that I will have the time on my computer to compile them.  Also since it has been so long I am not limiting myself to occurrences just from the past week.

1.  Went to see the Burlesque Nutcracker and absolutely loved it.  They are also doing one based on Alice in Wonderland in April and I am planning on going to see it with the friends.  Oh and the hubby get to go this time around.

2.  I was selected to be in the launch group for a new product.  This is both exciting and spooky and I am not sure how it will go.  But I was really getting into a rut and my income was falling as I am in sales and well the economy does effect my paycheck.  I start training for it tomorrow.

3.  I came home to a spotless house on Friday.  My husband was having one of his rare pain free days and took advantage of it.  What excited me the most was that all of my clothes were washing and folded.  They were just waiting for me to put them away.  And yeah I am pretty lucky as my hubby does most of the work around the house but he hates to fold clothes.


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