Jan 29, 2012

Beautiful Things

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I really think that moving this to Sundays was one of my best decisions yet as far as regular postings in my blog.  It gives me the opportunity on Saturday nights to reflect on the past week.
  • Massages.  Need I say more?  Due to the weather and work schedules I ended up going three weeks without one.  So on Wednesday I was finally able to make it back in.  At least I can move again though it looks like it is going to take a couple weeks to get my neck working again.
  • I changed my primary care physician and I really like her.  When you are dealing with chronic illnesses it really helps to have a doctor that will actually listen to you.  
  • I was able to find a bracelet that I swear the pixies kidnapped.  One of my roomies asked if I could make some changes to her bracelet I made and also make her a matching necklace.  Easily enough done as they were both primarily chain.  I worked on the bracelet first and then set it aside to do the necklace.  The darn bracelet disappeared.  I tore my studio apart looking for it all to no avail.  Thursday it suddenly reappeared on the mat where I do most of my work.  Just one of those things that makes you go 'hmmm'.


  1. Yes, having a recap of things at the end of the week does help things come together nicer :)

    A co-worker has a lot of trouble with her neck at times too and was doing weekly massage for a while to help. During a bad time when she couldn't get to the therapist a neighbor suggested she try using this thing she had and she said it was great... I'll have to find out what it was called for you, but it sounded like a little electro-shock thingy that stimulated the muscles for you. Maybe check and see if there's anything like that available that you could get your hands on to try? This was a little portable thing that she owned, so you never know!

    And for reappearing items... yes...I had ghosties who used to do that all the time, but they'd been very well behaved and quiet the past couple years. Then the other day I had things seemingly constantly vanishing, making me tear everything apart in search, then reappearing right where they'd vanished from... although I'm willing to bet in your case one of the furballs made off with it and someone found it and placed it on your table ;)

  2. Maybe it was one of your furkids. Mine have the tendency to play with things they shouldn't!


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