Jan 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures


My guilty pleasure for this week is one that I do indulge in fairly regularly.  So why is it a guilty pleasure you might ask.  Well because I do feel guilty simply because I have so many loose teas that I could and should make up and ice.  Especially since I have a lot that will be getting stale here pretty soon.  But there are some times that the convenience of sticking in a K-cup just overrides the should dos.  
So what is your guilty pleasure for the week?


  1. ... for the week?! what?! I'm only supposed to have one a week?! Nope... not gonna happen. I do at least one a day :) Usually either indulge in a bit of chocolate and suffer the consequences on my non-lactose-loving stomach, or indulge in a bit of laziness... or bead shopping :) Today is was both the laziness AND the chocolate :)


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