Feb 5, 2012

Beautiful Things

Now I am sure that not everyone would consider this pic to be a beautiful thing but I just love clouds.  Probably a good thing considering the fact that I live the Puget Sound region.  Besides it struck my fancy when I was looking for a pic to share.  I have a lot on my camera but I refuse to d/l  any of those until I get the ones that I have organized with Lightroom.  Good thing that I have a large sd card in it. 

  •  It's been utterly gorgeous weather here the last couple days.  I need some of those in the winter to help chase away the blahs and the fibro.
  • I cleaned out and organized my tea cabinet.  I gave away a huge basket full of teas so that someone else could enjoy some of my older teas.  That or the ones that just didn't sync with my tastes.  I also managed to find some of my favorite teas that I lost in the move.  I am just hoping that they aren't too stale though even if they are they will still taste good.  Just not as good.
  • Went to Imbolc last Sunday and it was truly a blessed events.  Beautiful ritual and good friends.  We had in the church were we hold the Witch's Ball.  It might seem strange to folks to have a pagan ritual in a Christian church but the space is truly sacred regardless of the religion holding the ceremony.


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