Feb 19, 2012

Beautiful Things

This really wasn't a bad week.  Definitely just a week where nothing went particularly right or wrong.  But it is really just the small things that get a smile out of me.  This picture was taken on the Waterfront in Tacoma looking across Commencement Bay.

  •  Had our monthly Pagan Potluck last night.  It really has been a while since we didn't have one in December due to other commitments and our potluck in January was snowed out.  It's always a rushed day as I have to finish with the house and shopping but it was well worth it.  It's good to have dinner with friends and just talk. With this bunch you never know where the conversations are going to go.
  •  I was given a Christmas cactus as a housewarming gift from a friend.  As I was cleaning up from the potluck I noticed that it had two blossoms.  What a bright spark of color in February.
  • This one might sound strange for a beautiful thing but there might be light at the end of the tunnel with my elbow.  It wasn't getting better after the steroid shots so I talked to my doctor (she's a new doctor that I absolutely love) and she ordered x-rays.  Turns out that I have bone spurs on my elbow.  I am really hoping that is why it is constantly painful.  It is really messing with my jewelry.


  1. Shaiha,
    Those are truly three beautiful things. Wonderful company and conversation over a good meal, a plant with bright colored blooms, and to find out what is really ailing your elbow. Yep not a bad week!
    Here's to finding the beauty in everyday!


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