Feb 20, 2012

Book Review: Pazuzu's Girl

Morpho Wilson thought her life was difficult enough. Her father is Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian demon of plague and the Southwest wind. As a teenager Morpho struggles against her father, while trying to adjust to high school in a new neighborhood. The family is constantly moving in an attempt to elude Pazuzu’s murderous ex-wife, a demoness known for killing children.

Then something unique happens. A socially-impaired classmate becomes so intrigued by Morpho that he pursues her, despite the mystery surrounding her family and the danger that accompanies it.

But before their romance can grow the demoness tracks Morpho down, and now only needs an ancient artifact called the Tablet of Destiny to complete the destruction of the world. The tablet confers on its owner the ability to control the fate of everything and everyone on earth.

* * * * *
From reading the preview of PAZUZU'S GIRL, I thought that it would be a young adult book. And it is in a way. We get to meet Morpho and her boyfriend JD. They however don't experience the usual teenage issues. Instead they have to save the world from her father's nasty ex-wife.

Morpho and JD however don't appear to be the primary characters in this book. That spot actually goes to Morpho's father Pazuzu. The reader gets to meet him in both the present time and in the past thru flashbacks. We get to see just how much he has grown as a man...err demon. It is really touching just how much love has changed him.

I didn't get what I was expecting from this book but I did get so much more. I do recommend it to readers of the paranormal of all ages.  And I rate it a 4.5.

***I recieved this book from Library Thing in exchange for a review


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