Feb 15, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Pier 57, Seattle, Washington.
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My guilty pleasure this week just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, the Fisherman's Seafood Restaurant & Bar.  It is down on the waterfront in Miner's Landing at Pier 57.  We actually are planning on going there tonight for Valentine's Day.  Yeah I am a day behind but we both worked last night. 

I just love this place though it can be a tad spendy especially as we always tend to order the same thing.  They have a delicious dinner feast consisting of a bucket of clams, a tureen of our famous Fisherman’s chowder, fresh tossed green salad, rice pilaf, and a golden sourdough loaf.  Oh and let's not forget the main course.  We always get their crab feast which means we are served this huge platter loaded down with Alaskan King, Snow and Dungeness crab legs.  There is always so much that we end up bringing quite a bit home.  I did try to find some pictures of the feast but wasn't able to so I guess that I will have to take some when I am there.


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