Feb 18, 2012


Went out to dinner Wednesday  night and was disappointed.  I used to love the place but both the quality and serving sizes have gone way down.

Insurance has decided that I no longer need to have massage to help me heal from the accident.  I am making an appointment to speak to a lawyer on Wednesday.

I think that I will go into shock if we ever get busy at work again.  I am getting really accustomed to sitting at my desk & reading books and blogs.

I can’t believe that I have read or listened to 23 books already this year.

Went and had my physical yesterday.  Discussed my elbow and it was decided that I need to go to an orthopedic  surgeon as the steroids didn’t work at all last time.  

Have all these ideas for bracelets running loose in my mind that I can’t act on right now.

I need to remember to bring a journal with me so that I can get the ideas down.

Still working on learning Lightroom 3.  It looks as though it will really work for me.  I already gone thru and tagged all my photos.

I think that the universe is saying that I need a new camera.  All of a sudden I am being presented by sales for them.  Might have to get a better camera, one with more than a 4x zoom.

I am becoming addicted to lampwork beads.  Picked some up from nice ones from Blue DishBeads.They are very organic and reasonably priced.

Wish that Pin Interest was blocked at work.  For that matter I wish that I could also reach Blogger.  

Found out that the issues with my elbow might have a lot to do with the bone spurs that the x-rays found.  Have to go talk to an orthopedic surgeon.  Can we say that I am ecstatic that I have short term disability thru work.


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