Mar 25, 2012

Beautiful Things

A Yonina cultivar (Division 6) tulip at the Tu...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I really think that spring is coming.  We had two beautiful days on Friday and Saturday.  Even today, it's kinda grey but it looks like it is going to be warm.  Yay!

  • I managed to get started cleaning out my flower bed yesterday before I started my running around.  I had planted some day lillies and tulips last year but it doesn't look as though they survived.
  • I managed to win enough money at the casino to buy myself a new computer before this one gives up the ghost.  I am sure glad that I did before I went in and organized my pics yet again.  Hopefully when I do this time it will last for awhile.
  • Me and my husband had the weekend to ourselves.  What with roommates and all, this is a rare occurance.


  1. Shaiha,
    Yea on winning enough money to get a new computer and to you and your husband having the house to yourselves!


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