Mar 28, 2012

Bright and Shiney!

I have my new computer all set up and almost acting pretty.  I am sure that I will find more and more items that simply disappeared.  Love my roomie as she has it all backed up for me.  Seriously if you live in the Tacoma area and you need help with a computer let me know.


  1. Awesome :) Invest in a couple thumb drives ( or memory sticks, whichever name you want to call them by lol ) Now a days they're really cheap and a great storage solution to keep your computer form getting bogged down with all those photo and book files. I've seen them for anywhere between ten to forty bucks, depending on the memory size.. the forty dollar one was... a 4 GB I think... or was it a pack of two 4 GB's? at any rate check WalMart. My brother has like ten of them that he keeps in a little box beside his computer for his music. That way when his computer dies ( like has happened three times ) he doesn't lose his tunes ;) I have one for my brothers wedding photos... keep meaning to grab a couple for my writing to keep it backed up.


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