Mar 17, 2012

New Clothes

Fasbulous and fashionable
Fabulous and fashionable (Photo credit: Violet Fotos)
I couldn't resist.

This blog has had the same look for a few years.  It was time for a change.

Besides my word for the year is focus.  And I really like how the pics really pop with the dark background.  I will be doing my best to always include at the least one pic.  Now mind you, a lot aren't mine.  I just don't have that many pics.  Besides I am still learning Lightroom and all those hours I spent tagging pics.  Well I lost all the pics when we cleaned up the hard drive. 

But at least I got rid of a lot of porn that my computer actually collected.    Now mind you, my computers do have personality but really.  And you would think that if it really had to collect it.  But really, they could have a least been hot..well ya know...stud muffins.

Back to the new clothes... how do you like the new look?  

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