Apr 1, 2012

Beautiful Things

This week has definitely been one of ups and downs.  I became all excited when I was asked at work if I was willing to volunteer to work in another department for a month as I would be able to work from home but that feel thru.  I will be glad when this project that I have been involved in gets the point that I am at home again on a regular basis.

  • This beautiful thing does involve work.  We were advised that we are getting new computers with dual monitors.  This will make the job so much easier.
  • I had an excellent Milk Oolong last night from thepuriTea.  It is really hard to find good ones as a lot of them are flavored.  Not this one and it was a real treat.
  • My new computer is up and running!  No more worries about the hard drive crapping out on me.


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