Apr 22, 2012

Beautiful Things

Wow I am running late today with this post.  It was just to beautiful and I was playing with herbs.

1.  Last night was our potluck.  We had a newcomer who just slipped right in to the mix.  My potlucks sure take a lot of out of me what with scouring the house and all (the hubby actually does most of it) but they are sure worth it.  This time the theme was small plates so everyone brought an appetizer to share.

2.  I got off early Friday which was payday and pampered myself by getting my nails filled and a pedicure.  Since all I wear all sandals, I love to have my pretty toes.

3.  Thought that I was losing my roommate but instead of her moving back to Seattle with her fiance, the fiance is moving down here.  This is a good thing especially as the roomie is a great kid and she is my IT person.  DH loves it because she has Gamefly membership <snort>.


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