Apr 6, 2012

Easter Hams

I know that a lot of folks will be cooking up that ham for Easter.  In our household we don't celebrate Easter Sunday but you can be sure that I pick  up a couple of hams when they are on sale.  And I have been checking out some ham recipes that I wanted to share with you.

Source: food.com via Shaiha on Pinterest


  1. I'm doing the holiday week end solo this year, since I'm still not close to being 100% healthy and don't care to put my parents at risk of getting sick >.< But truthfully, since we're not religious, holidays like this are just an excuse for all of us to get together at my parents place in the country, hang out and eat too much yummy food. I'm assuming they'll be having a ham at some point this weekend ... my mom went crazy over all the turkey sales back before Christmas and her freezer could rival the ones at the grocery stores... this means, we're getting a tad burned out on holiday turkey dinners ;) lol

  2. Love bacon, but not much on ham, which I think makes me weird!


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