Apr 15, 2012

Just cuz...

Basil Basilico Ocimum basilicum albahaca
Basil Basilico Ocimum basilicum albahaca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I know that lately I have had a lot of posts but mainly book reviews.  I am really doing to try to get some non-review posts going also.  I mean after all everyone knows that I love to read and to tell others what to read <grin> but I do more then read.  So I am going to have some just cuz posts.

Today was an utterly gorgeous day and we managed to get some of the yard work done.  My DH mowed until his back gave out and then the roomie took over.  And finished all but one side yard where a giant spider jumped out and got her.  And it appears and I am the only one brave enough to confront this terror in its den.  So guess what I will be doing tomorrow along with doing my taxes. 

Yes I am horrible at procrastination.  There are really times when I wonder why I do all the finances as I can put things off.  But not just bills or money things.  I am bad about getting absorbed in various things and simply forget the others.

I had planned on repotting a plant also today.  One that deserves to live simply because it won't die.  When we moved in here, I was giving a Mother's-In-Law Tongue plant that didn't have enough dirt.  I mean the roots were showing.  And I remembered to water it sometimes.  Others I keep I forgot because I keep thinking that it was plastic.  Well I went out and got some potting soil.  I am going to do it up right.  And I just know that will probably kill it.

I also want to plant up some herbs.  I got some seeds today for basil, chives and cilantro.  I am going to plant those up together in a pot.  I also have another set aside for some more basil.  Some different varieties.  My goal is to make up some pesto and freeze it.  That way I will always have some ready. 

I did sit down tonight and finish a proofread on a book from Silver Publishing.  One of the cleanest edits that I have ran across.  So I guess that I did accomplish something.  Oh and I finished up a review on a tea gift pack that I received. 

So how was your Saturday?

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  1. Pretty good! The grass isn't growing yet this far north but we did major pruning and cleaning up in the garden. The weather has been lovely this weekend.


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