May 6, 2012

Beautiful Things

Some beautiful flowers in the sun.
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It's going to be a fairly short post today.  I managed to be blessed with the flu from a co-worker.

  • We have taken on more markets at work.  So now we are busier.  My book reading has slowed down but I am not as bored.
  • The upper management is pushing so that I can get the access to start working at home again.  I will be so happy when that occurs.  I will then have my laptop again so that I can keep up with email and everything again.  
  • The weather has really been cooperating.  On my days off, it has just been gorgeous.  Flowers have been coming up and my basil is doing well.
  • Oh and an extra.  I have found a new place to edit pics.  I would have one of mine up but well I am going to be laying back down again.
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