May 20, 2012

Beautiful Things

This was a long week.  I am just not used to working 5 days a week.  I love my 4 10's.  Oh but the overtime will allow me to catch up on things and get me some Irish Waxed Linen.  I had purchased some smaller lengths and fell in love with it.  Just such a good feel and it knots so wonderfully.

Now on to the things that made me smile this last week.

  • We had our monthly potluck.  It is always great to get together with everyone.  And the food was wonderful.  One guy brought some shish kabobs, another couple brought buffalo wings and a heavenly ambrosia.  We also BBQed burgers with all the fixings.
  • Working last Sunday was actually enjoyable.  It was quiet and I always enjoy working with Joey.  He is very young but very intelligent and questions everything.
  • I read the latest JR Ward.  It had its issues but it was a fun read.  One good thing about work being so slow.  I get to read lots of books.


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