May 11, 2012

Book Review: Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher

Ethan Pritcher is a normal kid. Well, other than the fact that every once in a while, he switches bodies with someone else. He doesn't know how or why, he just knows that it happens -- and always when he least expects it.

After trading identities with a muscle-bound movie star, Ethan finds himself in a big trouble. When he learns that a hired killer is after him, just staying alive will be a big challenge. But his sister, Madison, may have the toughest job of all. She'll have to find a way to keep the movie star, now inhabiting Ethan's body, from getting her brother kicked out of sixth grade. . .
* * * * * *

I love young adult novels however Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher is aimed towards for an even younger crowd.  I would say that it would be perfect for kids between the ages of 8 to 12.  There is a lot of action to keep the younger reader entertained as well as great character development.  In fact, I was really impressed by how well I got to know Ethan and Madi in such a short book.

I would recommend picking up Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher for your kids.  Ethan is a very smart likeable kid who shows the value of thinking things through.

I rate this story a 3.5.


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