May 23, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • Just what is a luxury studio apartment?  There is an old antique store on my way to work that is advertising these apartments.  I am so tempted to go check them out just so I can see.  Of course even if I didn't have a house I love, living above an antique store is a bad place for me.
  •  Got in my copy of Bohemian Inspired Monday.  So excited!  Wonderful projects in there.
  • Remember when I got my new computer?  Well one of the USB ports has gone out already.  I am so glad that I purchased the extended warranty because apparently Toshiba warranties on their laptops are only good for 90 days which is tomorrow.
  • I get to work from home for the next couple days.  Can you say happy dance?
  • I lost my charger for my camera batteries.  I ordered a new one so I am just hoping that it gets here before a blog hop that I am taking part in at the end of the month.
  • I just love the house before anyone wakes up.  It makes for a very pleasant time to  have a cup of tea and go thru blogs and whatnot. 
  • The pic is of Kharma, my killer pom.  Once he knows someone then he is very friendly but he is my house guard. Ready to bite anyone including my father-in-law though I admit that he doesn't get in trouble for that one.


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