Jun 3, 2012

Beautiful Things

This has been an good week even though I am doing my best to avoid my husband and his awful cold.  He has one of those that take away your voice and well since I work on the phones, I must have my voice.

  • I put together a potluck at work for Memorial Day since for a change we were working close to the same shift.  This was the first time I organized one of these and thanks to help from Jeremy it came off great.  Good food on a dead day at work.
  • I am working back in my home office!  This makes for a huge smile since I don't have to get up and moving so early in the morning.  Also because I can keep up with everything else in between calls and my MinPin Boo gets to 'go to work' with me.  She is back to bouncing at the door to the basement where my office in when I am ready to go down.
  • I actually have some energy today.  I have been putting in so much  overtime that I was just exhausted yesterday.  I spent most of the day curled up on the couch listening to a book.
  • Don't you just love the colors in that pic?  Makes me want to go down to work on a piece of jewelry.  Speaking of which, I have made my husband a necklace.  I just need to size it and add the clasp.  Once it is done, I will share it.


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