Jun 17, 2012

Beautiful Things

Overall it has been a good week even though I had to mess up my sleep schedule for a training class that lasted 2 days.  Actually it was supposed to last 3 days but we blew thru the training.  Now onto things that made me smile.

  • I got to sleep in my bed again!  I have been sleeping on the couch lately because it was softer then the bed and my fibro demanded it.  So this payday I ordered a new memory foam pad and slept on it last night.  It was sooo nice be to able to stretch out.
  • My animals last night were very amusing as they were trying to figure out the new/old sleeping arrangements.  And poor Boo.  The pad was mint scented and far to strong for her to sleep under the covers with.
  • I made it through all my OT.  There was times when I really wondered if I was going to make it as my body really does demand the down time that it wasn't getting.


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