Jun 24, 2012

Beautiful Things

It is supposed to be summer here in the Pacific Northwest though there are times when that comes into question, at least in my mind.  Yesterday was a prime example.  It would have been a typical fall day here, cold and rainy.  Today however we got some sun though it did start to get cold as the clouds moved back in.  My picture today is one that I took at Wright Park here in Tacoma.

  • My new camera is a thing of wonder to me.  Finally I am able to get some good pics which just proves to me that a lot of my blah shots from before was the camera's fault.  The picture above was one that I cropped but that was all the editing that I did on it.
  • To be working from home.  Yesterday was horrible weatherwise yet I was able to go work in my studio and do some OT without leaving the house.
  • The peacefulness of having the house to myself.  Gives me time to recharge my batteries.

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