Jun 20, 2012

June is Iced Tea Month!!

Now anyone that has known me or heck even reads this book knows that I am an tea addict.  And I will happily drink hot tea year around but I have a special fondness for iced tea when it is warm or when I am out to eat.   When I am out I am stuck with whatever iced tea the restaurant or fast food place serves so of course I try to make up for it when I am at home.

I tend to go with mainly with a black tea with fruit flavors.  I brew them up, sweeten it slightly and I am ready to go.  There is one vendor that I have found who seems to excel in ice tea blends.  Of course that does make sense as White August Tea Company is based in Arizona.  A good place to be drinking a lot of ice drinks year around. 

They have two blends that I keep reordering because they just that good.  The Plum Proud has french plums, cranberries and raspberries.  The Passionate Ice has passion fruit and mixed berries.  They are both really refreshing.  And right now to celebrate Ice Tea Month, there is a sale going on where you can order any of their iced tea blends and save 20%.

Oh and I thought that I better let everyone know that this is not a paid endorsement.  I just love their iced teas and wanted to share.


  1. Fellow iced tea fan here - I like black tea. Plain - none of that sweet tea business:)


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