Jun 23, 2012

Odd Sports

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With the Olympics coming up this year I just felt that I needed to do an ode sometime to sports.  Now I am not one of follow sports as I can't stand football.  Heck I will disappear if there is a game anywhere in my vicinity.  But just to prove that I am American, I do enjoy baseball.  I won't do search out a game but if there is one on, I will watch it.  But now onto the wacky sports I have uncovered.

  • Bog Snorkeling  This occurs in Wales and is just how it sounds.  Almost.  The competitors can only swim using their flippers.
  • Octopush  This is an underwater hockey game without all the injuries.  In fact this is a non-contact sport.
  • Extreme Ironing  Now this one to me is really strange.  I don't like to iron anywhere let alone in locations no sane woman would find herself such as hanging off the side of a cliff.
  • Sepak Takraw  This is volleyball played with the feet.  It is popular in some Asian countries.
  • Fierljeppen  In this sport competitors jump over a canal using a really long pole.
Hmmm..  Maybe football isn't that strange of sports.
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