Jun 8, 2012

Office Desires

Oh I bet that I had you wondering about that title.  Anyways as you know I am working back from home again.  My home office was supposed to be remodeled and painted by a prior roommate in exchange for his rent.  Well that didn't work out too well but there are still things that I can do to pretty up my office.  I wanted to share some ideas that I ran across.

Now I don't have windows because my office is in the basement but I really like the idea about putting up some shelves.  Hmmm.. have to paint first but that isn't such a bad idea.

Now I like this to add to the door. Might have to paint the door first also. This house used to a garage believe it of not and some of the door in the basement still have stickers and permanent markers on them. 

Now I really like this idea!  Besides on slow days I can color.

Perfect for those days that I have to go into the actual call center.

And for organizing my desk (you don't want to see my desk).

I found lots more but I didn't want to overwhelm blogger with all the images.  But you get the idea.
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