Jun 21, 2012


There is a thread going on right now discussing various storage solutions for our beads and our studios so I went and took my pictures.  If there was one thing that I would change about it is the overhead lighting.  What I have is bleak so I use a lot of task lighting.

This is my photography section though I have to get a better table for it.  Oh and also my library.

This is just a shelve where I have some beads on.  I love that cabinet and I don't even have it full yet.

This is where I keep most of my gemmies.

Here is my actual work table.  The boxes and other containers here contain lampwork.  Oh and those beads are going into my Cup of Bead Soup.

And this is my studio mascot!  It came with the studio though all the other walls were a dingy gray.  Not good for a room with no light.

Under her you can see just a dab of the sideboard that I have there.  And yes it is full of beads also.


  1. Ah, the studio of a true beadaholic! I too had no light in my basement room until I took over the dining room upstairs!

  2. .... crap woman. You've got a lot of beads! lol Get your butt in that chair and get busy making stuff with them! lol

  3. Thought I left a comment but don't see it. If it reappears, please feel free to delete this.

    Wanted to say what a wonderful ORGANIZED work space you have! I envy you! At least my glass studio is organized, but it's much easier to keep it so since it's glass rods, not teeny tiny beads. Feel free to pop over & take a stab at organizing mine...if you dare! lol!


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