Jun 13, 2012

What would you do...

Hawaii, enroute home from Australia, Nov 1973 - 22
Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)
If you suddenly came into a really large inheritance or even better (since you don't lose anyone) won the lottery?  Isn't this something that everyone has dreamed of at one at one time or another.  I know that I have thought about it a few time and here are some of the things that I would.

  • I would be responsible and pay off my house though I am sure that an accountant would tell me  no as I would need every tax write-off I could get.
  • Donate the money to TERRA so that they could afford to get their non-profit status.  The government has made it so expensive to get set up as a non-profit that the little guys can't afford it anymore but that is a rant for another day.
  • Once TERRA is a non-profit, I would make a large enough donation that it could buy some land and build a permanent structure for meetings, rituals and whatnot.
  • Go back to school!  It would have to be an online school as I would want to travel at least in the beginning.  Eventually I would have to settle down as I would like to get a degree in veterinary medicine and open up a low cost clinic because there are a lot of peeps that just can't afford a lot of care for their animals.
  • Buy a place in Hawaii.  The constant temps would be wonderful for my fibro.
  • Help my stepkids with college.
  •  I am sure that there are a lot of other things but the main thing is to keep my feet on the ground as you hear about so many lottery winners just blowing it.  I would want to have something to show for all that money.

What would you do if you won?
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  1. Hi Shaiha,
    Humm I would first payoff my bills, payoff my Mom's house and my Son's house. Buy me a new house, nothing big and fancy just something sweet and cozy with a place for a creative work space. Put some money in a IRA and then travel.


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