Jul 10, 2012

ABS July Challenge

"Two Acrobats with a dog" by Pablo Picasso, 1905
I have been lax about entering the monthly challenges over at Art Bead Scene which is a shame as that was one of my goals for this year.  My only excuse is that I have been entering other blog hops/challenges.  I really thought that I was going to have to sit out the one this month also as I am prepping for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  That is until I saw the inspiration photo.  

In a normal month I would have looked at the picture that we are given for inspiration and start a new piece of jewelry.  This time around however I had a bracelet that I had just finished a couple weeks ago that fits perfectly.

The art bead used was from Lea Avroch  of LA Jewelry Designs.  I also used sapphire beads with faceted blue topaz. The clasp on the wrap bracelet is from AZ Lampwork Beads.  

ABS is also asking designers to donate a bracelet to the 7000 Bracelets Project.  I won't be donating this particular set as I am being greedy and keeping it for myself.  However I do support Gene Project two bracelets to send to them as soon as I can pop my head up for air.   They are doing a wonderful thing and I have donated to them in the past.  In fact, I do encourage anyone that makes jewelry to get involved.


  1. I thought I had seen that beautiful dual bracelet before.. It is so fitting for the theme. Not the slightest bit greedy to keep it for yourself - it's goregeous.

  2. Shaiha, this is an outstanding bracelet. Fell in love with it last time, and so glad to hear you are keeping it. I am having a hard time parting with my Lea creation as well. That clasp is so perfect!


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