Jul 8, 2012

Beautiful Things

Last week was just wonderful as I took my vacation then.  So I have lots of things that made me smile.

  • The cactus garden that my mother sent me for my birthday.  I have three huge windows in my dining room that I am trying to turn into a jungle so all plants are welcome.
  • Being able to play in the ocean up at Ruby Beach, Washington.
  • Being able to hear a lot of stories about the animals of Woodland Park Zoo from the girlfriend that I went with who works there.
  • Had a BBQ potluck for the 4th and one of the guests thought that it was our monthly potluck whose theme this month is Greek.  He brought some stuffed grape leaves that were the best part of the meal.
  • Had my yard done so now I can actually get out and enjoy it.  Just in time for the warm weather.
  • And last but certainly not least, my bead soup arrived!  So many goodies for me to play with.


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