Aug 5, 2012

Beautiful Things

I was so totally drained after all my activities last weekend that I totally forgot to post a beautiful thing.   I am so sorry but I will try to include things from last week also.

  • Last Saturday I went went to Wild Waves with my hubby and some friends.  It was cooler so I didn't really go into the water but it was great being able to connect with friends.  One of these friends ensured that I had a cabana because of the fiasco last year.
  • Sunday was our Lammas ritual and the young lady pictured above visited us.  She stuck around for quite a while.  In fact, she circled our ritual widdershins.  I wonder if she was trying to banish us from her woods.
  • I finally got my second monitor from work,  I have to get it set up but it will make life so much easier. Giving up my second monitor was the only disadvantage when I came back home to work.  So much better now.
  • Won a $45 in GCs from work  for my sales in the last week.  Those sure came in handy on our trip to Spokane yesterday.
  • I didn't get a sunburn yesterday!  I was really expecting to get one on the drive to Spokane yesterday.  Heck I am not even as burnt out as I expected.


  1. Let's face it, most of us have so much to be thankful for, we couldn't begin to list it all. Few of us go to the trouble, too. Thanks for sharing these moments that brought the sunshine into your life!


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