Aug 20, 2012

Book Review: Dark Moon

Undercover on a slave ship of dark eroticism.

DARK MOON is the next book in Rebecca York’s Moon Series and also the first novel in a new series, Decorah Security. Agents Emma Richards and werewolf Cole Marshall take on a dangerous undercover assignment, to rescue a young woman from sexual slavery on a cruise ship converted into a dark and dangerous pleasure palace. When they masquerade as lovers, the sexual attraction between Emma and Cole reaches flash point. But what will happen when Emma discovers her lover is a shape shifter?

* * * * * 

I found DARK MOON to be an enjoyable quick read.  It's a great book for take out on the back porch with a mug of iced tea. I would almost call this book relaxing.

When I think about romantic suspense what comes to mind is darkness and tension.  The same applies when I think of werewolves.  Just that edge just isn't there.   I think that the cruise ship and its owner were creepy in a wacky, over the top sort of way that kept me from taking the rest of the book seriously.  

There are some sex scenes in the book that are pretty tame and also more hardcore sexual practices are referenced but those are played out very far.  

This book is difficult for me to categorize as it seems to want to fit in several different categories and isn't really a good fit in any of them.  Also I found some editing errors which pulled me briefly out of the story.  I did however enjoy the book. 

I am rating DARK MOON a 3.2.

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