Sep 27, 2012


  • I can tell that Fall is here. We are still getting the warmer weather in the afternoons but I woke up this morning and it was only 64 degrees in my house.  I am so dreading having to turn the heat on for the winter.
  • Been a strange week already.  Half of our systems were down at work but they finally fixed them today!  Yay.

  • Found out today that T-Mobile fixed my plan so that I can get a new phone.  I really want the Samsung Galaxy S3.  It would be my first android phone as I have stuck with my old Blackberry because I only had to charge it like once every five days.  I am thinking that it is time though.  I want to take advantage of the coupons and other apps that I could use.
  • Finally have MY car back.  It took us longer then expected to get tabs for my husband's car so he had mine on the nights that he was working.  And since I don't usually want to go out the nights that he is home this was rather inconvenient.
  • Still working on the bead soup from Kalmbach.  My first necklace didn't turn out quite as I wanted.  Good idea for the style of beads but it needs a bit of work.

  • Got in a couple beading books that I was looking forward to reading.  The first was Bead Soup by Lori Anderson. The review for this book show up on Saturday.  
  • The other book was Rustic Wrappings by Kerry Bogert.  I haven't written up a review on this book but it is great!  I love the fact that I can change the colors of my favorite metals by using potato chips.
  • Plan to sit down with hubby after work and try to clear a few things off the DVR.  I am always running behind on watching shows which really tends to frustrate the hubby.   Hmm...might be able bring up my bead soup and work on while I am watching the shows.
  • Sorry about not posting on Sunday.  My fibro was demanding a day no more taxing then reading a good book.  I always try to include personal posts along with my book reviews so I guess that is what this is.
  • Need to clean up my office again.  I swear that jewelry books really tend to take over.
  • I stocked up on teas that I can ice for our potluck and I was really eying some new oolongs from one of my favorite tea vendors but decided that I couldn't afford them right now.  However when I opened up the box there was samples of those oolongs along with a couple extras.  I just love those little touches even though I do have to write up reviews on the samples.
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