Oct 7, 2012

Beautiful Things

It has been a fairly busy week so having a day to just kick back and catch up on my email and blogs is truly a blessing.  And the fact that it is a warm sunny day is just the cherry on top especially as where I sit the sun shines right on me.

  • I actually found the time to make it to my studio and make up a necklace for the Witch's Ball.  The rest of the time was organizing a huge box of supplies that I got in.
  • Went to  Pagan Pride yesterday.  It was great running into some friends that I haven't seen lately and I found all those amulets pictured at an incredible cost.  A funny thing happened also.  I was chatting with a vendor and asked if she was going to be at the Ball.  I was told no as she showed up 'a bit' late and some b*tch wouldn't let her set up to vend and refused to return her vendor's fee.  What was funny was that I was that b*tch and her bit late was almost two hours late.  Luckily she didn't recognize me.
  • Got in my Tassimo brewer that I had won in a contest.  They don't carry very many varieties of tea but we picked up some raspberry iced tea and oh my goddess.  It is the best raspberry tea that I have ever tried.  I can see it easily becoming an addition.


  1. Lol...that is funny!! Next person she tells it to, she wasn't even late and you were just a b*****. Lol. Just kidding about you being a b****, you are no where near that!


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