Oct 14, 2012

Beautiful Things

Where oh where has this week gone?  It sure passed by rather quickly starting out as summer and now being firmly into fall.  The picture above was taken last Saturday and starting yesterday the rain and the gray has arrived.

  • My charms arrived safely for the Charm Swap which is going to be posted later this month.  I was a tad worried about them as I have never made charms before but they passed muster.
  • I got a chance this week to connect with my friend that has breast cancer.  She looks really good and is rather determined to beat it.  And she is the type of woman that succeeds in anything that she puts her mind too.
  • Spent some quality time in my studio and finished up my Bead Soup necklace as well as a few others.  Pictures are to come but most of them were done for a blog hops.


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