Oct 12, 2012

Book Review: River of Eden

With his sun-bronzed skin, a week’s worth of beard, and a shaman’s crystal around his neck, Will Sanchez Travers looked more like a man mothers warned their daughters about than a Harvard-trained ethnobotanist. And even if only half the rumors about him were true, Dr. Annie Parrish figured she was in trouble. Still, she needed the rogue scientist to ferry her upriver in search of a prize so extraordinary, it would make her reputation–if it didn’t get her killed first.

When he’d reluctantly agreed to take the legendary Amazon Annie deep into the Brazilian rain forest, Will expected a woman warrior, not a blond ragamuffin renegade whose secrets ran darker than he could have imagined. But once the journey begins, there will be no turning back as they enter territory–of the wilderness and the heart–as dangerous as it is beautiful, desperate to stop a twisted destroyer of worlds before his nightmarish fantasy becomes horribly real. Amid sorcery, violence, and mystical visions, which will be the victor–the yearning for vengeance, or a power as potent and seductive as the heart of a singular, magical orchid?

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I haven't had as many book reviews coming through lately as I just haven't been in the mood to sit down and read.  When I picked up RIVER OF EDEN, I had a feeling that I would enjoy the book but wasn't really sure just how long it would take to finish it.  I am happy to report that this book was the perfect antidote to my lack of interest in reading.  I finished it in one day and am ready to read another.

RIVER OF EDEN reminds me in a lot of ways of ROMANCING THE STONE.  There is a lot of action in a place that definitely can't be considered all that civilized yet is very beautiful.  Will and Annie seem to collect people that are out to kill them or actually it is Annie doing the collecting.  Will wasn't aware of what he was getting himself into when he agreed to give her passage on his boat.

The pacing is just perfect with just enough breaks from the tension to give the reader a chance to take a breath.  The dialogue between the characters especially Will and Annie is fresh and snappy.  There were no editing errors to be found which allowed me to loose myself in the story.

I recommend this book to lovers of romantic suspense especially ones set in remote locations.  I give this book 4.1 stars.

***I picked this book up through Amazon.com.
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