Oct 24, 2012

Let's Ramble

I really hate having to get up earlier on a day off then on a day that I work.  It just really goes against the grain.  And it especially doesn't help when it is also grey and cold outside.  Oh I how I wish that I could convince the hubby to move to the desert.  I would prefer Arizona as my mother is there but truth be told, I would be happy with any place that I could soak up heat more and hurt less.

My friend up there?  I took his picture this last summer on a gorgeous July day and besides the picture makes me smile.  He looked so serious there in his habitat until the corn on the cob came out.  And well then he reminded me of some relatives.

Oh and the reason I got so godawful dang early was that I had to go see the surgeon about my elbow.  It is really starting to effect the things I can do.  I enjoy simple wire work but if I indulge myself now then I know that I will be paying the price for a few days.  Heck even the typing that I do every day at work is more then a enough to aggravate it. 

Dr. Wheeler who is going to be my orthopedic surgeon is a really nice guy with very good bedside manner.  He really does remind me of an old country doctor.  He was seeing me just for my elbow but while I was there he also checked out my shoulder which has been bothering me for a month or so.  I had just written it off to misuse since that is the same side as the elbow.  Anyways he showed me some stretching exercises to help the shoulder.

Then he looked at my elbow and gave what to me was good news.  Surgery is called for.  What he wants to do is to get into the elbow and cut off the damaged parts of the tendon (as long as it isn't too much).  Apparently once everything heals back up the pain should be gone.  The healing takes less time then I was expecting.

I should only be off work for a couple weeks but it will be two to three months before I can start playing with wire again.  Personally I would have preferred those to be reversed especially as I get a good short term disability at work.  I am kinda curious though just how I am going to work as he also mentioned having my elbow in a splint for four to six weeks.  How am I going to work/type with my right elbow in a splint?  We shall see.
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  1. Good luck with your surgery, hope it helps! Tell your hubby that Arizona is not all desert---there are some really nice communities in the mountains here, too. Although, you might not have the same kinds of friends that are in your picture, lol! Keep us posted on how you are doing! Gina H.


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