Nov 11, 2012

Beautiful Things

This week has really moved along quickly and I am left wondering why I didn't get such and such done.  Oh well there is always next week.

  • This was a good mail week.  The necklace above is one that I won from Alicia of All The Pretty Things.  I just love this necklace.  The suede is so soft and comfortable.  Another bonus is that it hits me in the just the right spot.
  • Another thing that arrived last week was my art charms from the swap that I participated in.  I just love them all and be sure to check back tomorrow when we will all be showing off.
  • I was able to hide out in my Studio for a few hours yesterday.  I was listening to a good book and putting away my pretties.  I had picked up some things from Out West, BeatleBaby Glassworks and Marsha Neal Studios.  Once I played and petted my new beads I was actually able to make one necklace for my husband and almost finish work on charm  bracelet that I am trading for a pair of fingerless gloves.  
  • I am sad in some ways that I won't be able to play with metal for a while after my surgery but I am also excited.  For one the pain will be gone (at least in my elbow... starting to have other issues because of how I has having to do things to baby the elbow) and for another since I won't be able to create in the same way I am going to be pushed in new directions such as that resin that I picked up and using a lot of more textiles.  I can hardly wait to see what I come up with.


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