Dec 17, 2012

ABS December Challenge

Sleeping Beauty by Erté, 1983
26 1/2" x 33" Serigraph
When I saw the artwork that was chosen for the month of December I just couldn't resist getting involved.  I just had to be careful with my choices because to even look at a pair of pliers still causes pain.  

What hit me first about this serigraph was the random black splotches on the dress and I had just gotten in some ceramic beads that unfortunately aren't art beads.  The next thing to hit me was the sensuousness of the woman and her dress.  All those gorgeous curves and swirls.  And I did have the perfect focal from Marsha Neal Studios.  Because of all the snow this picture also brings a feeling of cold with it that I symbolized  with crystal quartz.  And finally because I wanted to bring in the blue, I knotted it all up with a dark blue thread.  

I want to thank Erin Seigel for the idea about using a string bail for the focal.  If you haven't checked out her free tutorial it is well worth it.  

Oh and I know that it  isn't completely finished yet.  It's that plier issue I mentioned earlier.


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