Dec 23, 2012

Beautiful Things

Well I was able to go back to work on a reduced schedule of four hours a day  so that is a good thing.  It really confuses my dogs however that we are only in the office for that short amount of time.  Boo keeps trying to run down to go back to work.  It occured me to that I show of pics of my animals and my jewelry but not of my husband so I decided to change that.  The pic is of my husband before we headed out for the 80s Rocker holiday party.  He's wearing a 'Dark Side of the Moon' t-shirt.

  • I won some beads made by Marti Conrad in a very generous giveaway by Sheryl of Sheryl's Jewelry & Reflections.  I can hardly wait to see just what they are.
  • I talked to my mother a couple times this week.  Normally we chat three or four times a year for short times.  This time around we actually chatted for a good long times.
  • I managed to get my short term disability semi squared away, at least up to January 1st.  After that I have to have another conversation as they seem to think that 24 hours is 75% of 40 hours.  And people wonder just why math is such an important subject to learn.  
  • My work computer has been swapped out so I am back to working in my home office.  Yay!
  • My muse is still working overtime.  I have a lot of new designs in my sketchbook.  Yes I am even sketching them down so that I can remember them though my drawings won't take home any awards.
If I don't put up another post before Christmas I want to wish everyone a safe and happy one.


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