Dec 30, 2012

Beautiful Things

This is my last one of the year and I can't believe that 2012 is over already.  Just where did it go so quickly?  Perhaps it is me but time sure seems to fly by as I am getting older.  Must all be a matter of perspective.

This next year is gearing up to be one where I will really be focusing more on my jewelry.  In fact, cross your fingers for me as I just applied for a position on a blog all about jewelry.

Since it is a cold and dreary day today I decided to post a picture that I took last July from the Olympic National Forest.  It reminds me of warmer days. 

  • A friend is bringing over a sectional today that he was replaced with new furniture.  It is so much nicer then the mismatched furniture that I currently have so I am rather excited.
  • I am now getting back into the rhythm of work.  My sales for Friday were fantastic.  This takes a lot of weight off my mind.
  • Went out to dinner on Friday with Saje and Trish to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  I was rather impressed when they didn't charge me for my meal as my salad wasn't edible and the waitress never came back to check on us.  I am always happy when a company stands behind their products.


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