Dec 4, 2012

Book Review: Aris Returns, A Vampire Love Story

Psychologist Sarah Hagan thought she had her life under control. She pulled herself together after a painful (and unexpected) divorce. She’s currently dating a successful but neglectful attorney—a relationship that is adequate, if not totally satisfying. She has a few good friends, lives in a beautiful condo in the heart of Chicago, and loves her work as a therapist. From the outside, it looks like her life is almost perfect. it only takes one patient -- a handsome younger man named Carlos who is on parole for car theft -- to put her well-ordered life into a tailspin. 

As she regresses him with hypnotherapy, she discovers an unusual presence. Is this some elaborate alter ego that Carlos has created or is something much stranger going on? In Sarah’s attempt to help Carlos deal with his issues of anger and a troubled past, she is captivated by the persona she uncovers through hypnosis Aris. Aris reveals that he is a vampire whose story begins in the time of Alexander the Great. His retelling of his lives, involvement and apparent demise in the court of Henry VIII keep her spellbound and hungry for more. 

On top of grappling with a phantom vampire, Sarah begins to have the most disturbing (and sensual) dreams. They awake the emotion, passion and vulnerability that she thought she had buried for good. The dreams both terrify and excite her as she struggles to make sense out of her world turned upside down. Sarah genuinely cares about Carlos as a patient and wants to help him find his way to a better life, but he has brought chaos, confusion and danger into her neatly buttoned-up reality. And if that’s not enough to deal with, she is inexplicably drawn to Aris in a way she can’t begin to rationalize. Can Sarah possibly love this vampire ghost or will he destroy everything she treasures?

* * * * *  

I love paranormal romance and have always been attracted to vampires as not only do they tend to be rather attractive but they are the ultimate predator.  I do have to admit though that lately they have started to run together in my mind.  There are only so many variations on a plot line before they start to sound the same or so I thought.  

Ms. Morgan has come up with one of the most unique love stories I have ran across.  I really enjoyed meeting both Carlos and Aris.  They are both such different men from different time periods and to tell you the truth I couldn't tell you who I liked more.  What I can tell you is that both drew me deeper and deeper into a story that I loved.  It has been a while that I have ran across a book that totally engrossed me.

There were a few glitches that threw me out of the story occasionally.  Ms. Morgan likes to head hop at times within a scene and few times I was confused about who was thinking what.  If it wasn't for that this book would rate a solid 5.  As it is I rate it a 4.5 and recommend it for lover of the paranormal/vampire romance.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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