Jan 6, 2013

Beautiful Things

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It has been an interesting week.  I am now up to working six hours a day but my elbow sure objects to that.  I go into see my doctor next Wednesday and will talk to him about it.  Saje went in to have his nerve conduction test.  They are still trying to figure out just what is wrong with him.  If it doesn't improve we are looking at disability because he just can't put any weight on his feet without being in immense pain.

That doesn't mean however that there weren't things that made me smile.  The picture above is of my Christmas Cactus in full bloom.  That is definitely worth a smile as it decided to do it all on its own without all the steps that one is supposed to take to cause it.

  • I just love the sectional that was given to us.  It is older and was originally that microfiber which has worn off in places.  I do find it amusing that in the locations where it has worn off it looks like distressed leather.
  • I have been cooking the past few weeks rather then Saje and have had the chance to try out some new recipes.  Last night I made Butter Chicken and it was great.  Really easy recipe too.
  • I have been able to start working on my jewelry again.  Nothing heavy as far as wire or metal but it is a start.


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