Jan 27, 2013

Beautiful Things

It has been an interesting couple weeks as we are still dealing with Saje's issues with his feet.  Hopefully his short term disability will go through and then we can work on the permanent disability as they don't look like they are getting better at all.  Still we are warm and the house is full of love.

  • Had our pagan potluck and it looks like we have a new folks joining us.   A couple of the younger generation which makes me rather happy.  Hopefully when I am no longer able to host these, they will still continue on.
  • Kharma is finally, at eleven years old, starting to slow down enough that he cuddles.  That is his pic up above.
  • I managed to spend time in my studio and made four pieces of jewelry, one for me and the rest for sale.
  • It looks like this round of meds are actually helping Saje's fibro.  We finally found a muscle relaxer that works for him.
  • I started Yoga last night.  I have been getting so stiff and I wanted an exercise that both wouldn't flare up my fibro and that I could do inside.  Just did a short session of 10 minutes yet didn't hurt as much before my Tramadol kicked in.
  • Getting together with friends so that we can plan out the Herb Garden for this year.
  • Chloe has become a lap cat.  She has started to 'go to work' me and will sit in my lap for hours getting attention.  This is great for her as I was worried about her not getting enough attention due to our furry rapist Deja.
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  1. Fabulous news about finding something that helps Saje; any bit of help in the pain department I have no doubt s greatly appreciated. I hope things with disability get worked out as well.

    Congrats on your 'new' cuddle buddies, and on jewelery progress! Hope your photos all turn out great :)


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