Jan 7, 2013

Book Review: Stranded

A Strand In the Web

New York Times Bestselling Fantasy Author Anne Bishop makes her U.S. debut in Science Fiction with this engaging futuristic novella. The Restorers travel the universe fulfilling a purpose handed down through the generations. They live and die aboard city-ships, never knowing the worlds they create and save. What begins as a disastrous training exercise in creating and balancing ecosystems becomes an unexpected fight for survival. The only hope may be the secret project of an untried Restorer team.

A Host Of Leeches

Award winning author James Alan Gardner pens a wonderfully imaginative tale in which a young woman wakes to find herself the sole human on an orbiting, mechanical space station. To find a way home, she must navigate the dangerous politics of war between opposing robot leaders.


Popular urban fantasy writer Anthony Francis (Dakota Frost, Skindancer series) explores a clash of ethics and survival when a young, genetically engineered centauress from the ultra-advanced Alliance lays claim to a rare, strategic garden planet, only to find herself captured by a band of rag-tag Frontier refugees who've crashed their vintage ship on her unexpectedly hostile world.

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I don't tend to read many compilations of short stories or novella simply because I prefer a longer length for my books.  This gives the author much more room for character development and I don't have to say goodbye to new friends quite as quickly.  That being said when I saw that Anne Bishop was trying her hand at science fiction I just couldn't resist.

I found that I really enjoyed A Strand In The Web and A Host Of Leeches.  The main characters were easy to relate to and the stories themselves were ones that tugged at my heart strings.  Both stories while being science fiction focused more on the human side of the equation even if the humanity shows up in robots as in
 A Host Of Leeches.  I really can't decide just which one I preferred more.

Stranded was my least favorite of the stories as it was 'harder' science fiction with more focus being on the science.  I also found it difficult to relate to any of the characters in the story.  It was very well written though and I am sure that other readers will find it to be their favorite.
I do recommend this book to any readers that enjoy science fiction.  I found it suitable to readers of all ages even though the protagonists in each tale are teenagers.   I rate this book a 3.7.



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