Jan 4, 2013

Year of Jewelry: Week 1

 If you are looking for the contest click here.

I really have to chuckle at how this this necklace came about.  I went down to my studio with the intent to use one of my focals that are currently just taking up space in a drawer.  I pulled out this little goddess who was really too small to be a focal all on her own but then I found the ring from OutWest.  The colors were such a perfect match that I am really surprised that they were made together. 

Once I had the focal all together I played around with a few different ways to hang it but I finally setting on some suede cord with charms on the end because this allowed the length to be adjustable.  It is going to be heading across the country to a friend of mine as a belated Yule gift,

Now I am sure that you are wondering just where this fits into my Year Of Jewelry.  Well once I finished the necklace I jumped online to discover the theme for the week.  It just happened to be Renewal which fits this necklace perfectly.  The brown of the cord represents the barren part of the year with green and red on the Goddess representing the coming fertility of spring and summer.

I have committed to making one piece of jewelry a week for 2013 based on a theme as part of the Year Of Jewelry Project.  If everything goes according to plan I will be sharing this piece with you every Friday.  The theme for next week is Grace.  Hope to see you for that reveal.


  1. Love the Goddess piece. And good luck on the one piece of jewelry a week. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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