Feb 10, 2013

Beautiful Things

Had a lot of things happening this week.  It has really been a week of new beginnings.

  1. I was assigned my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Hop 2013.  Her name is Bonnie Coursolle and she lives up in Canada.  Lori, who is the lovely hostess for this blog hop, really did well in matching us as we have so much in common.  Be sure to check out her lovely blog at Jasper's Gems.
  2. I also set up a shop for my jewelry. Things are rather tight around here so it is about time that I stopped just putting money out on jewelry and started to bring some in.  I don't have a lot there yet but be sure to keep an eye out on Shaiha Designs.
  3. My sister Beth whom I haven't had much to do with for the past several years contacted me on Facebook to ask if we could try to be friends.  I was really surprised at this but I am more then willing to try as I find myself thinking more and more about family as I get older.


  1. Shaiha,
    That is nice news about your sister, I hope things go well there. Seems things have a new perspective as we get older! Good Luck with your Etsy shop. I am lovin' your blog and looking forward to our April luncheon. Laura


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