Feb 26, 2013

Book Review: Firebrand

At the end of the sixteenth century, religious upheaval brings fear, superstition, and doubt to the lives of mortals. Yet unbeknownst to them, another world lies just beyond the Veil: the realm of the Sithe, a fierce and beautiful people for whom a full-mortal life is but the blink of an eye. The Veil protects and hides their world…but it is fraying at the edges, and not all think it should be repaired.

Discarded by his mother and ignored by his father, sixteen-year-old Seth MacGregor has grown up half wild in his father’s fortress, with only his idolized older brother, Conal, for family. When Conal quarrels with the Sithe queen and is forced into exile in the full-mortal world, Seth volunteers to go with him.

But life beyond the Veil is even more dangerous than they expected, and Seth and Conal soon find themselves embroiled in a witch-hunt—in which they are the quarry. Trapped between the queen’s machinations at home and the superstitious violence of the otherworld, Seth must act before both of them are fed to the witch-hunters’ fires…

* * * * *

Brimming with intrigue, danger and suspense FIREBRAND grabs the reader's attention with a scene where Seth is getting ready to kill Conal and continues on from there.  There are a few pauses to allow the reader to catch their breath and then  we are onto another adventure.  
Ms Philip as chosen an unusual format in that the book reads as an autobiography or a journal of Seth's.  Unusual as I said but it really works.  I was able to really get into Seth's mind and get to know him as flawed as he is.  He is writing about things that happened to him in the past so there is a lot of foreshadowing about things that happen later.  I was entranced by his story and the stories of his brother Conal as well as the rest of the people that are important in Seth's life.

This is one fantasy world that I plan on following and am really looking forward to the next release in the series.  It is a cold and brutal world with unexpected joys.   I really recommend this  book to lovers of fantasy who are looking for a different twist. 
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