Mar 9, 2013

Focus On Life: All Wrapped up

Definition: Wrap
As a Verb
1. To arrange or fold (something) about as cover or protection.
2. To cover, envelop, or encase, as by folding or coiling something about
3. To enclose, especially in paper, and fasten: wrap a package; wrapped up the peelings.
4. To clasp, fold, or coil about something
5. To move (text that will not fit on a line) automatically to the following line.
6. To envelop and obscure.
7. To surround or involve in a specified quality or atmosphere: The plan was wrapped in secrecy.
8. To engross.
9. To put on warm clothing. Usually used with up.
10. To conclude filming.

As a Noun
1. A garment to be wrapped or folded about a person, especially an outer garment such as a robe, cloak, shawl, or coat.
2. A blanket.
3. A wrapping or wrapper.
4. A flatbread, such as a tortilla or lavash, rolled around a filling.
5. The completion of filming on a movie.

   Are you all wrapped up in warmth or are you diving into a dessert that is all wrapped up in yummy goodness? You have a prompt that has many different meanings, grab the camera and show us how you are interpreting "all wrapped up"!

   Such a fun prompt for this week's hop.  I am one of these people that have a sweater wrapped around myself from September until almost May and I almost took a picture of that sweater.  The only problem is that my sweater is so well loved that it is developing holes all over the place.  Not something that I would want going out world wide.  So instead I though of all the cords, C-Lon and Waxed Linen that I use in my designs and in so many wonderful colors.  So without further ado...


  1. Wonderful idea! Love the photo, too. All the possibilities wrapped up and waiting to be uncoiled!

  2. There's nothing better than a gently worn sweater. I have a similer one that I only wear around the house.

    The colors of the fibers in the photo are just beautiful!! I see endless possibilities here.

  3. Oh dang, I was kind of looking forward to your well worn sweater just to see if it is up to par with mine :-) Lovely photo though. Those colors are wonderful together.

  4. Beautiful colors, wonderful subject for this week's picture!

  5. Great fibers- what fun colors! I wanted to see that sweater too...

  6. What fun to create with all that colorful cording.

  7. All those colors make me happppy!

  8. LOVE those colours! gorgeous photo and perfect for this week's prompt :)
    PS i couldn't show my old tatty cardi, either, which i wrap myself in every morning :)

  9. Love these! They are definitely yummy 'wraps' and so fun to create with!

  10. That is such a happy colorful photo! I bet your sweater would have made us all wish we had one too!

  11. That sounds like a sweater no one else would appreciate since its joy is all in it's comfort. I had a hoodie that my husband confiscated at some point since the elbows were thread bare... You made a great decision in your sharing :)

  12. Shaiha your pic certainly captures wrapping material well.


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