Apr 25, 2013

Book Review: Sleeping in Eden

She knew what he wrote . . . One little word that made her feel both cheated and beloved.

One word that changed everything.


On a chilly morning in the Northwest Iowa town of Blackhawk, Dr. Lucas Hudson is filling in for the vacationing coroner on a seemingly open-and-shut suicide case. His own life is crumbling around him, but when he unearths the body of a woman buried in the barn floor beneath the hanging corpse, he realizes this terrible discovery could change everything. . . .

Years before Lucas ever set foot in Blackhawk, Meg Painter met Dylan Reid. It was the summer before high school and the two quickly became inseparable. Although Meg’s older neighbor, Jess, was the safe choice, she couldn’t let go of Dylan no matter how hard she tried.

Caught in a web of jealousy and deceit that spiraled out of control, Meg’s choices in the past ultimately collide with Lucas’s discovery in the present, weaving together a taut story of unspoken secrets and the raw, complex passions of innocence lost.

* * * * *

I found SLEEPING IN EDEN to be quite the interesting book.  Not written in a style or even in a genre that I usually red, I spent the first quarter of the book trying to figure out just how Meg and Lucas were connected.   And then I spent the remainder of the book totally entranced.
Meg was a character that I found the easiest to relate too especially as the author, Ms Baart, could have been writing about me when I was younger though my triangle occurred after high school.  Lucas was harder for me though I very much enjoyed watching him grow and learn that you can't fix everything.

I was especially amazed when I found out that SLEEPING IN EDEN was actually the first book that Ms. Baart had written even though it is just now being published.  I will definitely be adding her books to my pile of books to read, especially when I need a reality check from all the fantasy that is my usual diet.  

I rate this book a 3.7 and recommend it to any of my readers who enjoy a good a mystery which goes much deeper then the usual whodunnit.


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