Aug 16, 2013


I did a shift switch with one of my co-workers who needed the day off to get married.  Boy was it strange being off on a Thursday but I sure enjoyed it.  And needed it.

I had plans to catch up on some running around but it was such a dreary day with the spots of rain and clouds that I pretty much hibernated.  Especially as I kept getting dizzy spells when I would stand up.  Not too sure where those came from but they seem to be gone today.

I love dragonflies.  In fact, they are one of my totems and I have been collecting dragonfly focals.  I just hadn't done anything with my collection so with me hibernating, I decided to change that fact and make myself a necklace.

The focal is by Patina Queen and I am really pleased with the pieces that I picked up through her shop.  Her prices are wonderful and I plan on doing some shopping there today.


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